Options – Listing Line Dances

(this page modified 11/31/2021).

  • Here are 5 ways that you can list youtube videos, and step sheets.
  • Note you can use COMBINATIONS of these.

Example 1 – Youtube Playlist

  • It’s easy to add videos to these playlists.
  • You can make as MANY of these playlists as you want.
  • Within a playlist, you can “drag” the videos into the ORDER you want them.

See the Youtube video “How to add videos to a Youtube playlist (2021)” for more info., and similar videos on Youtubes.

Example 2 – Google Drive Album for Stepsheets

  • Once you create a Drive album, you can just “drag” the PDF stepsheets into it.
  • You can display the stepsheets in ALPHABETICAL order.

Example 3 – Google Spreadsheet

  • You already looked at this. You can list ONLY the information you want.

Example 4 – List Dances on a Facebook Page

  • As an example, at the top of the “Billtown Web” Facebook page, I put links for 3 dances (Come Dance With Me, Drinking Problem, and Lonely Drum).
  • You have less formatting ability than a WordPress page (see below), but it’s probably easier to use for most people.

Example 5 – List Dances on a WordPress.com Page

  • This example links to the Copper Knob page, and also has some Youtube links.
  • These WordPress.com sites are free, and you can have multiple “authors”.