Circle Cha Cha Mixer (York Pa)

A. Stepsheets:

  1. The brown-colored summary sheet seen in the video.
  2. The modified stepsheet is rewritten in “line dance format” that breaks down the 56 counts.
  3. This 2012 summary sheet was written by Gary Glidewell.
  4. The original “stepsheet” is “buried” in a hidden directory on the USA Dance’s York Pa chapter’s website at .

B. Videos:

  1. “Anna Dai Capelli Rossi, Circle Cha-Cha York Mixer, 56 counts (from USA Dance York PA website)”  , uploaded 2018 by (same video on Vimeo)
  2. “Harrisburg Chapter USA Dance – Cha Cha” , uploaded 2009 by usadancehbg
  3. “Anna With The Red Hair (Partner Dance)” , uploaded 2009 by Rose Robinson

C. Notes:

  • The music used is almost always “Anna Dai Capelli Rossi” by La Compagnia Dei Sanremini (124 BPM).
  • The original choreographer is unknown. Supposedly the dance originated in New York City, then was brought to Reading PA, and then to the York-Harrisburg PA area circa 1982. We think the written steps were maybe first “posted” by the York, PA USA Dance Chapter #3008.
    • The song’s name “Anna Dai Capelli Rossi” translated into English is approximately “Anne of Green Gables”.
    • There is a website , which apparently has information about books and movies relating to “Anne of Green Gables”.