This ‘wordpress.com’ website contains links to videos, stepsheets, and notes for several couples choreographed pattern dances.

Several of the dances are located on the earlier ‘blogger’ site at dance-literacy.blogspot.com .

  • Blue Rose – on the old Blogger site’s Blue Rose page
  • Circle Cha Cha (York Pa, Anna Dai Capelli Rossi) – use ‘tab’ at top
  • Colorado Cha Cha (Stationary Cha Cha, Cowboy Cha Cha, etc) – notes and video links are on separate website ColoradoChaCha.com
  • El Paso Cha Cha – on the old Blogger site’s El Paso page
  • Lori’s Cha Cha – use ‘tab’ at top
  • Texas Waltz- on the old Blogger site’s Texas Waltz page

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